“It’s Your Experiment!” High School Science Teacher Conference 2008 (Oct 24th & 25th)

From the Michael Smith Laboratories

Brainstorming session

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Brainstorming… bring it on! (great movie by the way).

1. What kinds of things would you like to try in your classroom?

The DIY microscopes for sure.
Make a telescope – HOWTO website has a “fancy” one. MacGyver’d it to make it a little easier to construct (teac

2. What are challenges?

Inquiry based learning. How to incorporate student led inquiry to test theories, rather than forcing a set curriculum? The system is kind of screwed – but maybe easier access to materials/experiences that address this issue.

Demands on schools to cover a huge amount of material. This includes not just technical aspects, but also societal elements.

Use of technology is something that should be fostered. Web based learning. Learning these tricks…
Social network computer tools are very useful (also low maintenance)

blogs, wikis, jing, google tools.

Biodiversity is cool… Biology 11 has a significant element on Biodiversity.
American Society of Microbiology
Next year’s teacher conference is in collaboration with the Vancouver Evolution Festival (big year for Darwin!!!)

Crossing over – physics explaining biology. Interdisciplinary approach? science-science arts-science interconnectivity.

i.e. Like heart rate lab – PE – science – math.

3. Care to share any of your successes?


Written by David Ng

October 24, 2008 at 4:27 pm

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