“It’s Your Experiment!” High School Science Teacher Conference 2008 (Oct 24th & 25th)

From the Michael Smith Laboratories


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The province can’t continue to use resources at the current rates. If we don’t change practices, the following industries will no longer exist in the province:

  • forestry
  • fisheries
  • mining
  • fossil fuels
  • water management (energy and drinking)
  • tourism
  • agriculture (both plants and animals)

Note: the areas with two subsets could be split depending on size and interest of class.

There should be 3 to 4 students per group.

Students will have to research the following for their industry: (note: they could be encouraged to talk to someone working in their assigned industry)

  • general info = what is X, why is it important
  • pros/cons = benefits to province (including $) and negative impacts of the current practices
  • Students will write a ‘Proposal for Change’.  This could include researching environment-friendly practices.
  • This proposal will be presented to the class
  • Class will critique each proposal.  This critique should be constructive and offer ways to improve the proposal for change.
  • Students can redesign their proposal based on feedback and submit to the teacher for grading.

Note:  All of the industries have pros and cons so the students should find sources that represent both sides.

An additional step would be to have the students rank what steps in what industry are most important and need to be done vs. those steps that could wait.

Things still needed:

  • website sources with credible information for teachers
  • criteria for assessment
  • graphic organizers

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October 25, 2008 at 1:41 pm

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